Additional Information

You Get a Free Health Check-Up
Before you donate blood, your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and haemoglobin levels are checked. Your blood may also be checked for HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. So, one gets a mini check-up just for doing something good! 

Your Body Will Make New Blood
Think of it like a tune-up for your body. When you donate blood, you generate new blood. It takes about 24 hours to replace the plasma and 4-6 weeks to replace the red blood cells from your donation.

It May Improve Your Heart Health
Donating blood temporarily lowers the iron in your blood. Elevated levels of iron may increase the risk of heart disease in men. Studies show that men who donate blood at least once a year have 88% lower risk of heart attacks than men who are not donors. 
It Promotes Well-Being
Giving blood can make you feel good about yourself, reduces stress, and improve your emotional health.

You May Need a Blood Donation One Day
It’s estimated that about 25% of people will need blood at least once in their lives. Imagine you being transfused with your own blood one day!! Imagine your loved ones being saved by your own blood!!