Schools and Departments

Overview of Schools and Welcome

The Botswana Accountancy College is a dedicated business school in Botswana offering a wide range of
degree /diploma and professional accountancy programmes to cater for the needs of students, and by
extension contributing to Botswana’s economic, social and cultural development.

The College is dedicated to its core business of teaching, research and community degree. The College is
mainly a teaching institution, and it provides a vibrant tertiary education setting in the Business,
Economic and Management Sciences as well as in the Computer and Information Sciences, as required for
Botswana’s economic, social and cultural development. Academic research and case study development
and analysis are carried out in the academic schools. The College today is composed of four schools /faculties,
and one centre.

Schools and Centre

School of Finance and Professional Studies

School of Computing and Information Systems

School of Business and Leisure

School of Postgraduate Studies and Corporate learning


The Industry Skills Centre (developed in partnership with industry)

The specific details about each School or Centre are described in the sections below. But suffice to say, the programmes offered in the different Schools and Centre are awarded either solely by the College or in partner-ship with Universities, Professional Accountancy Bodies, or Industry Alliances such as Microsoft, Cisco, and SAP. All our programmes are designed to produce highly qualified professionals with experience of research, who will play key roles in industry, commerce and public affairs in general.

I hope that this prospectus will assist in your decision making process which will eventually shape your working career. Take a moment to read about each School, and learn about the exciting programmes that each offers. For those of you who have already decided on your area of study, this publication provides you with basic but relevant information on programme requirements and the various support services offered. Meanwhile, for those who are still undecided, this prospectus places the numerous programme options at your disposal. Whether you are interested in undergraduate or postgraduate level studies, take your time before you make your definitive choice and feel free to contact our Registry Services Office, or the Academic Administration Office located in each School, prior to taking a decision. They can assist you in making informed choices.

You can enroll either as part-time or full-time student in the programmes offered by the Schools or Centre. All our postgraduate degree programmes are offered on a part-time basis to give postgraduates the opportunity to work while study. This option is also available to undergraduates on certain programmes. Enquire about studying part-time for an undergraduate degree or diploma. Use your undergraduate years wisely as you pre-pare yourself for a working environment.