Research Excellence

Botswana Accountancy College conducts groundbreaking research within several areas - several in which we are among the best in the country and the region – and within others, regarded as the leaders in Botswana.

Our research excellence comprises (a) researchers and (b) scientific areas that BAC has chosen to prioritize, particularly through medium to long-term funding and quality opportunities for development. Collaboration with industry sector companies is at the core of our research excellence agenda. The research we undertake can be done as groups of researchers or as individuals.

Priority areas of research collaboration

There are two priority areas of research collaboration at BAC:

  • The Business and Leisure group; and,
  • The Applied IT group at the Main Campus.

Priority areas of cooperation refer to research areas with outstanding operations, which also have a large national and regional growth potential. The areas include all sides of the knowledge triangle, i.e., (a) research, (b) education and (c) innovation - as well as collaboration by including special initiatives and externally funded projects.

Business and Leisure group

Consists of the research niche (Heritage and cultural tourism; etc) and themes derived from the government's designated Business and Finance economic skills sector (Investment and Risks Management; Strategy, Business and Governance; e-Business; Audit and Financial Reporting; etc)

Applied IT group:

Has a focus on computer systems re-engineering and industrial IT. The research niche around which much of their research has developed includes … ???

Together, the Business and Leisure group and the Applied IT group make a unique environment for research, education and innovation on a theoretical and praxis level.

Strategic Research Areas

The Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) – a government agency that provides funding, inter alia, for basic research of the highest scientific quality in different disciplinary domains – has initiated the single largest investment in research areas that have a strategic significance for the Botswana society and industry.

Business and Leisure Research group has applied for research funding from the HRDC of P1.5 million over 2015–2019 to develop world-leading research in four strategic research projects. Business and Leisure Research group has main responsibility for four research projects within the following areas:

a) Heritage and cultural tourism
b) Tourism development as an economic diversification
c) Leadership and management in SMEs
d) Informal business sector development

Researchers from Business and Leisure group are also involved in three additional projects in the areas of:
a) Entrepreneurship and SMMEs
b) Business and Governance
c) computer system re-engineering

Talented young researchers

BAC supports its young researchers with promising careers in their chosen fields. We are putting plans in place to roll out a unique form of research grant funding that researchers may apply for, up to 10 years after earning a doctoral degree.

Business and Leisure group continues to acknowledge young and talented researchers. 2014 recipients of the Young Researcher Award are:

(a) Mr Lelokwane Mokgwalo, Tourism Management

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