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2019 Best Student in International Tourism Management

Coming into Botswana Accountancy College as my institution of learning, I was nothing but an average student, who like any other student wished to be crèmede la crème of the school. It was with this that I took great advantage of the willing staff and management of the school as well as the effective and availableresources within the Campus.


2019 Best Student in Computer Systems Engineering

My journey with BAC in collaboration with the University of Sunderland has not been an easy one. I remember how rough the tides were that at times l was close to giving up.


2019 Best in Applied Business Computing

Discipline and consistency were my foundation. Ultimately, what kept me going was my love for what I did and the support I received from my family, friends and my lecturers (Ms Thobo Maruatona, Ms Tendai Chandigere, Mr Simon Chirambira, Mr Keitumetse Gobotsamang, Mr Ronald Chikati, Mr Stewart Muchuchuti and Ms Tshepo Mogotsi from Registry).


Best in BA(Hons) International Hospital Management

First things first, gratitude is extended to God for blessing me with all the good things in life. Secondly, Desert and Delta Safaris for supporting my dream to be a leader and sponsoring for my education from start to finish.


Best in BA(Hons) Accounting & Finance

Through perseverance, hard work, team work and hunger to make myself proud I made it. I strove to do better in every exam and test and so I made sure I revise before and after class, frequent the library, question what I don’t understand and lastly balance school and social life.


Best in MSc Strategic Management

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”, - Isaac Newton.


I share the same sentiments, taking into account that my academic success is primarily a result of divine intervention, and secondarily: relentlessness and the drive to reach out to diverse people for guidance and recommendations.


2019 Best in BA(Hons) International Finance & Banking (2019 VALIDICTORIAN)

Over the last 7 years, I developed a fond passion for financial technology and its potential to completely eradicate financial xclusion in the African continent.


2019 Best in BA(Hons) Business Enterprise

I feel so happy about my achievement! I made it because I avoided the distractions that surround the youth today. There is time for everything in life, so prioritize the most important things and focus on that first; all these other things will follow. Being focused on the reason I came to university helped me achieve my goal.