School of Business and Leisure


The School of Business and Leisure is one of the two academic units offering education and training. We offer a wide spectrum of undergraduate academic programmes, the strength of which is boosted by our collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and University of Derby that boast international rankings and recognition

Our vision is to be a vibrant and leading School of learning, committed to quality teaching, research and business community engagement, recognised in Africa and beyond for academic excellence and stakeholder relevance. We will only achieve this vision through you; through your engagement; your commitment to excellence, hard work, innovation and quality in all you do in terms of cooperation respect and accountabil-ity. These are the values that will guide our actions and engagement with you as students in the School. When you join our dynamic School, you bring your own life experiences and talents to the School. We hope that you will grow to develop and display the characteristics we value in our students – intellectual curiosi-ty and a passion for learning. You also have a strong obligation to live by the principles of the School – which emphasize personal integrity and respect for every member of the School and the College communi-ty. I urge you to contribute to your own learning by completing all the tasks that have been set for you in your respective programme. Lastly, I invite you to join the School and make the most of your time here with us. Get to know our lecturers and academic support teams, as well as our administrators. Come and be part of our ‘tailored-for-future business leaders’ educational experience and stand out!


The School was established in 2008, twelve years after Botswana Accountancy College itself was established as a tertiary education institution. The School is structured around two portfolios of degree programmes, namely (a) Business Programmes (b) Leisure Programmes The School currently has seven (9) undergraduate degree programmes, three of which are business oriented and the others leisure focusing on the development of the tourism and hospitality.

1. The undergraduate Business Programmes in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University include:

  • BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
  • BA (Hons) International Finance & Banking
  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership

2. The undergraduate Leisure Programmes in partnership with the University of Derby include:

  • BA (Hons) International Tourism Management
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

The School strategic plan is to grow the existing number of undergraduate programmes, and introduce a range of postgraduate degrees. In the near future, postgraduate programmes at master’s level will be offered in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Change Management, and Investment Management. All the programmes being offered are demand-driven, thereby ensuring high employability of all our graduates. Our approach to teaching, learning and assessment is based on principles of experiential learning. All the students wishing to study with us will experience a learning and teaching environment, which brings theory and practice together through engagement with real life problems.

Our business model as a school is grounded in collaboration. Through the wider BAC network of alliances, the School has a number of international partnerships with universities that boast international rankings and recognition. Our alliances include Sheffield Hallam University and University of Derby. Our partners bring internation-al experiences to the programmes, thereby enhance the curriculum offerings. They also provide opportunities for expanding our research portfolio.

Community engagement and research are two of the three core business areas of the School of Business and Leisure. For us as a School, research is a new focus. The shift to include research and engagement as key priorities is linked to our new strategic direction as a School to develop the discipline through knowledge production, as we work in partnership with various stakeholder groups – many of whom are recipients of our graduates.

The School continues to develop strong links with the business community, both locally and overseas. We have signed Memorandum of Understanding with renowned audit firms, banking, key players in the hospitality and tourism industry, and with the Local Enterprise Authority who facilitates access to wide range of enterprises. These are meant to strengthen student internship engagement, programme development and easy placement of our graduates. All our business and leisure degrees involve engagement with industry.

The School strategic plan is to promote and support student and academic research that are creditable (reflected in high publication in accredited sources), relevant (reflected in high transmission to practice) and are in alignment with solid research niche areas that are aligned to the different academic programmes. Our academics are active in cutting edge research in the areas of:

  • Investment and risk management
  • Audit and financial reporting
  • E-business, Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Eco-tourism, Tourism product & market diversification

The School is multi-campus, with locations in Gaborone, and in Francistown. On both campuses, particularly in Gaborone, students are in the company of a range of Blue Chip companies and prospective employers. Students wishing to pursue our degree programmes can apply from any of our two campuses.

The School staff is highly trained and experienced, which ensures that our students receive the highest quality learning experience. Our staff complement is diverse and include academics trained to the doctoral degree level. The School invests significantly in ensuring that it procures from the best pool of human capital a professional lecturing team of the highest caliber. It is necessary to do so, relative to our core strategy of positioning ourselves “to become a leading School of learning, recognized in Africa and beyond”. It is why the School continues to value its human resources and to invest significantly in its staff through structured CPD opportunities. The School of Business and Leisure is driven by our values of excellence, innovation teamwork, and accountability. Our priorities for the immediate future are the development of innovative, demand driven curriculum and con-version to application. Key to this is the core message of quality and academic integrity of our programmes; verifiable positive student experience, and post-tertiary employment success.