BAC ICT Industry Skills Centre (BIISC)



The BAC School of Computing and Information Systems seeks to educate graduates who will be both productive and creative in modern business, entrepreneurship and industry environments. The School of Computing and Information Systems offers studies that range from theory through experimental techniques to engineerng methodology, research and laboratory work complement student classroom studies. The 4-year BSc Honors programs offered by the school prepare students to practice as professionals at the cutting edge of Infor-mation and Communication Technology and Information Systems.

The field of computer science can trace its foundation to both mathematics and engineering methodology with emphasis on practical experience. Adopting this philosophy has designed a unique curricular model that seeks to provide an increased relevance of its programmes to the real world.

To further consolidate the “relevant-skills-value” of the student, graduate and professional, the School of Computing and Information Systems focused on setting up the BAC ICT Industry Skill Centre (BIISC). The BIISC centre will be made up of Specialist Academies (SAP, CISCO, Microsoft) whose focus will be to impart industry and business relevant skills to students, graduates and professionals through the delivery of well-focused internationally recognized industry standard courses.


  • To contribute to Botswana‘s development towards achieving regional status in the Industry Standard ICT market through the provision of Industry Standard ICT training and solutions to the private sector, public sector and individuals, in their various domains of ICT requirements.
  • The initiative will add value to growing local capacity in the field of Industry Standard ICT Training and Solution Provision.
  • To establish the BAC ICT Industry Skills Centre (BIISC) which will be the organisational hub for the training, introduction, planning and implementation of organisation wide ICT projects in response to internal and external stakeholder ICT needs.

In delivering its functions, BIISC will facilitate an enhancement of inter-departmental educational partnerships as well as external stakeholder collaborations towards growing the country‘s ICT training industry and innovation and ultimately become a leading academy for Industry standard ICT training in the country.

  • The overall aim would be to deliver an ICT quality competence centre that contributes to the offering of quality ICT Industry Standard Training, and training infrastructure for ICT competitiveness in Botswana.
  • The BIIS center shall deliver its mandate through the establishment of Specialist Academies. The Specialist academies will be the key anchors for driving the strategic objectives of the BIISC.





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