Gaborone Campus

SAP Academy

This is a comprehensive SAP course that exhaustively covers core enterprise business process integration. Students will learn how business processes are integrated to provide efficiency and effective process delivery. This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects. Trainees will get to understand the entire SAP ERP system through practical interaction with the System. Successful participants will be awarded the BAC certificate of performance and an opportunity to sit for the SAP certification and qualify as certified SAP consultants.

The Cisco Academy

The CISCO academy offers CISCO training starting with a focus on CCNA certification. The CCNA certification is a globally recognised credential which equips certified professionals with the knowledge and skill to demonstrate proficiency in networking with the ability to install, configure, troubleshoot and operate local area networks, wide area networks and dial access services for small and medium-size networks.

Talented Young Researchers

BAC supports its young researchers with promising careers in their chosen fields. We are putting plans in place to roll out a unique form of research grant funding that researchers may apply for, up to 10 years after earning a doctoral degree.

Business and Leisure group continues to acknowledge young and talented researchers. 2014 recipients of the Young Researcher Award are:

(a) Mr Lelokwane Mokgwalo, Tourism Management 

Upcoming Dissertation

Welcome to the BAC Institutional Repository. The Repository contains digital collections of academic and research output. This Repository is administered by BAC Library and Information Services.

BAC is a vibrant and sustainable business institution of higher learning, committed to teaching and research excellence, scholars and wider community service. The inform in the Repository is structured around schools. Click to access further information.

Research Profiles

Dr Byron Brown


Director of Research and the School of Business and Leisure


School of Business and Leisure

Subject area:

Research Methodology; Leadership and Management


  • Teaching responsibilities
  • Professional interests
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  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Qualifications
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  • Additional interests and activities
  • Experience in industry
  • International experience

Research Excellence

Botswana Accountancy College conducts groundbreaking research within several areas - several in which we are among the best in the country and the region – and within others, regarded as the leaders in Botswana.

Priority Research Areas

Priority areas of research collaboration

There are two priority areas of research collaboration at BAC:
a) The Business and Leisure group; and,
b) The Applied IT group at the Main Campus.

Priority areas of cooperation refer to research areas with outstanding operations, which also have a large national and regional growth potential. The areas include all sides of the knowledge triangle, i.e., (a) research, (b) education and (c) innovation - as well as collaboration by including special initiatives and externally funded projects.