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Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)




Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognised as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism in procurement. On successful completion of the Diploma, Advanced and Professional diplomas and in conjunction with three years' experience in a role of responsibility in procurement and supply, you may apply for full membership of CIPS to use the designatory letters, MCIPS.



The programme aims to provide a course of study designed for students wishing to enter the computing industry in the area of networking, Graduates on completion are expected to be able to conceptualise, design and deploy networks on any scale. As they complete they begin as technical experts, with appropriate knowledge and skills in network configuration, administration and virtualisation with additional knowledge of software development.



Applicants should have a minimum of the following:

BSc (Hons) Mobile & Web Technologies


The programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills to use mobile technologies in a business and societal context by learning how to design, implement, support and evaluate a variety of mobile solutions for the enterprise customer.

BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology (ICT)

This programme equips students to be able to formulate an information systems and ICT strategy with the right mix of hardware, software and communications technologies to adequately enable and drive business strategy for competitive advantage, It will cover all the fundamentals of computing and systems administration, then progress to information systems, advanced databases and how to manage IT projects.

SAP Academy

This is a comprehensive SAP course that exhaustively covers core enterprise business process integration. Students will learn how business processes are integrated to provide efficiency and effective process delivery. This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects. Trainees will get to understand the entire SAP ERP system through practical interaction with the System. Successful participants will be awarded the BAC certificate of performance and an opportunity to sit for the SAP certification and qualify as certified SAP consultants.

The Cisco Academy

The CISCO academy offers CISCO training starting with a focus on CCNA certification. The CCNA certification is a globally recognised credential which equips certified professionals with the knowledge and skill to demonstrate proficiency in networking with the ability to install, configure, troubleshoot and operate local area networks, wide area networks and dial access services for small and medium-size networks.