BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

The programme offers students a high quality educational experience and develops the practical and professional skills required to enable them to be employable and successful in their chosen career path. This programme has been designed to provide flexibility of study, whilst remaining focused enough to ensure students graduate with knowledge, skills and experience in order to gain employment in the international hospitality industry.

Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own Programmes of learning. In the Hospitality programme, a wide range of learning approaches are utilized from practical examinations to debates and operational activities. The programme develops students’ academic and employability skills throughout the programme, supporting vocational practice with work-based competency in a real world learning environment that reflects current industry practice and provides opportunities for students to develop professional skills by putting theory into practice.

Applicants should have:

BGCSE/IGCSE - A minimum of  34 Points or 10 points in any of the following subject combinations: Maths/English, Maths/Commerce, Accounting/English, Accounting/Commerce.


3 years 6 months.

CAMPUS                                MODE OF STUDY

Gaborone                              Full Time & Part Time


The BA (Hons) in International Hospitality Management degree programme will interest students who are aiming for senior management positions and an international business career in hospitality. A student completing the degree can expect to find career opportunities in small to large business enterprises in the hospitality sector. From events organising to hotel management, hospitality management graduates have a wide range of career options open to them.

Some of the jobs directly related to their degree include food service manager, conference and event manager, facilities manager, hotel and accommodation manager, catering manager, and restaurant and retail manager. Graduates have opportunity to hold managerial positions throughout the public sector in universities, hospitals, transport and the armed forces in roles such as public house manager, customer service manager and tour manager. A student completing the BA (Hons) in International Hospitality Management degree gains immediate recognition by the Botswana Tourism Association (BTA).


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