BA (Hons) Business Management

This programme is ideal for students wishing to advance their knowledge, skills, ability and career prospects in business management. It provides an excellent start for not just individuals who create their own ventures but also for those with a passion to climb the corporate ladder as managers. It aims to:

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in business management
  • Learn valuable transferable skills to be applied in many roles and industries.

The 3 year honours degree programme gives students an excellent start to their management career, whether in private practice, or in commercial enterprises. The programme offers students a business management education with a focus on the issues involved in fostering innovation in a corporate setting and growing small businesses into big and complex ones. Additionally it equips students who intend to become management consultants with knowledge and problem-solving skills

In the first year, you learn the main principles of business and we familiarise you with the business environment. The programme also helps you understand the process of academic writing and linking it to business management

In the second year, we deepen your understanding of the role of a business manager while allowing you to explore other areas of business and its surroundings. Teaching is based on broad emerging needs of the econo-my, which increases students’ responsiveness to various challenges.

While remaining relevant to the local situation, the programme exposes students to a global view of business management. Students engage in activities and projects aimed at sharpening their innovative ability, and develop an executive perspective through incorporating concepts from management, leadership, marketing and inance to explore the possibility of managing entities in a dynamic environment.

In the final year, you continue to broaden your business management knowledge and develop skills needed in the dynamic world of business. Throughout the programme, students are engaged in research work tailored for business strategy and management concepts needed for the modern, global business environment. They also develop their personal and transferable skills: e.g, communication, report writing and presentation skills, time management, independent learning and being able to work effectively and constructively as part of a team.

Furthermore, the BA (Hons) in Business Management degree is globally benchmarked on curriculum that is offered by Botswana Accountancy College’s international partner: University of Sheffield Hallam (UK). As well as the personal, analytical and communication skills that many university courses develop, you gain skills in:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Negotiation
  • Research
  • Project management

These skills are needed in all organisations


Applicants should have:

BGCSE/IGCSE - A minimum of  34 Points or 11 points in any of the following subject combinations: Maths/English, Maths/Commerce, Accounting/English, Accounting/Commerce.


3 years 6 months.


Gaborone and Francistown                      


Full Time

Course Structure

•Use of ICT and Learning Resources
•Introduction to Financial and Cost Accounting
• Business Mathematics
•Business Communication and Academic Skills

•Managing Operational Performance
•Marketing & Customer Relations
•Personal Development and Learning skills
•Venture Creation and Simulation
•Data Analysis for Decision Makers
•Managing People in Organisations

•Business and Corporate Law
•Management and Leadership Development
•Professional Excellence
•Managerial Finance
•International Business and Consultancy
•Managing Business Processes and Technology

•Implementing Strategy and Change
•International Business Consultancy Project
•Brand and Reputation Management
•Sustainable and Responsible Business in the 21st Century
•Implementing Strategy & Change
•Managing for Success
•International Business Consultancy Project
•Global Governance in International Business


Career choices include becoming Operations Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Manager, Factory Foreman, Management or Business Consultant and so on. You can also go on to postgraduate study - MBA, Msc Strategic Management.

Our graduates have found careers with organisations such as

  • Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL)
  • Mascom
  • Orange
  • Government of Botswana


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