About Us


To be a Leading Business School of Choice in Africa and Beyond.


To advance knowledge and skills in business education through teaching and learning, research and community engagement to meet the needs of the economy.


Excellence:  Continuous pursuit of highest quality to enable commitment to the mandate of BAC and maintain standards that are globally recognised.

Collaboration: We are committed to working together as a team and in partnership with others for efficiency and effectiveness. 

Innovation: We promote generation and implementation of new ideas for impactful change.

Integrity: We uphold moral, ethical and professional principles in our engagements.

Humility: We embrace other people’s ideas and opinions and are courteous to others all the time.

Accountability: Accept own and complete duties within authority and take reponsibity for action.


To provide a solution towards the skills capacity building and human capital

development to meet the economic needs in Botswana and globally. The achieve this mandate,

BAC offers a diverse portfolio of programmes through these schools;

1. School of Finance and Professional Studies.

2. School of Computing & Information Systems in Partnership with University of Sunderland.

3. School of Business & Leisure in Partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and University of Derby (UK).

4. Consultancy & Corporate Leadership in-house training developed in partnership with industry.

5. Postgraduate Studies in partnership with University of Derby, University of

Sunderland and Sheffield Hallam University.

Platinum Partner . 

Premium Learning Partner .

Approved Tuition Provider . 

BICA Best Tuition Provider .

Partner in Learning - Higher Learning Education . 

PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award . 

BPP Tuition Solutions Premier Provider .  

BPP Online Classroom Approved Reseller .