About BAC Library

At BAC library we offer a good number of excellent information resources and search tools to help you with your assignments and research.

We support research, teaching and learning by ensuring the provision of quality information products and services which enable our clients to leverage their academic and professional performance.

The BAC library strives to provide equitable access to resources and ensure that our customers are not discriminated or prejudiced on the basis of colour, creed or origin. We encourage independent learners and value feedback from our customers in order to enhance library resources and improve research, teaching and learning outcomes for our students.


“Become the centre of excellence for accountancy and business training in Botswana and Southern Africa.”


“Provide students with high-quality information resources, and an enabling environment.”


  • Improve the quality and relevancy of the collection by systematically assessing the information resources needs of the academic community and continue to develop a focused, core collection of print and electronic resources to support instructional and research needs.
  • Enhance access to information resources by subscribing to electronic databases and full-text journals in consultation with faculty
  • Provide a comprehensive instruction program that includes for credit, online and on demand instruction in order to graduate students with information literacy competencies.
  • Augment the library’s budget by increasing private donations. 

General Services

We provide a variety of services for your convenience:


We have group sessions and one-on-one sessions where we train clients on how to access and utilise our services. However detailed classes on how to use electronic resources are by appointment only as they take time.

General enquiries and Reference services 

The help desk primarily deals with guiding clients on how to navigate the premises, how to search through the physical collection, who to see for specific instruction and any other business.

Internet access 

We provide workstations for students to conduct online research by accessing electronic resources (journals and e-books).

Lending service

Patrons are entitled to loan out materials through the reference service desk


Loan Period and Quota


2 books / information materials at a time for 2 weeks


3 books / information materials at a time for 28 days

Issues Guidelines

  • Late book fee of P1/day per item will be charged for all the borrowers who retain book(s) beyond the due date
  • Clients can get the book(s) reissued / renewed on or before the due date by intimating the Library through telephone / letter / email / in person. Overdue books will not be reissued until the fine is paid
  • ‘Reference’ material will not be taken out on loan

Photocopying & Printing: a designated machine has been allocated for clients to print and make copies.

Interactive collection development: we welcome resource recommendations by our students and have an open-door policy to this effect. Even as librarians we do understand that we also learn from our clients, and appreciate their contributions.

Quiet study areas: traditionally, libraries are known for their serenity. Libraries today still preserve this ‘stereotype’ by maintaining an environment conducive for independent studying and BAC library is no exception.