Schools and Departments

About the School of Finance and Professional Studies

The school of Finance and Professional Studies is the leading Professional training provider in Accountancy, Tax, Business and Financial Sector in Botswana. We provide high quality training and education through face to face classroom courses and highly innovative virtual learning environments. Our pass rates are consistently above average and we strive to achieve the best in examinations. We have first class facilities in the BAC campus, International Fairgrounds Office Park, Block D, Financial Services Centre all running professional accounting courses Day and Evening classes.

About the School of Business & Leisure

The School was established in 2008 to diversify the college's programme portfolio. The School is structured around two portfolios of degree programmes, namely

  • Business Programmes
  • Leisure Programmes

The School currently has SIX (6) undergraduate degree programmes, three of which are business oriented and the others three leisure – focusing on the development of the tourism and hospitality discipline.

About the School of Computing & Information Systems

The School of Computing & Information Systems seeks to educate graduates that will be both productive and creative in modern business and industry environments. Studies range from theory through experimental techniques to Engineering methodology. Research and laboratory work complement student classroom studies. These 4-year programmes prepare students to operate as professionals at the cutting edge of Information Technology.

The field of computer science can trace its foundation to both mathematics and engineering methodology with the emphasis on practical experience. Using this philosophy, the school has designed a unique curricular model that seeks to provide an increased relevance to the real world. The project in particular expands upon the experimental and design approach by introducing students to the creativity and productivity concerns required for business and industrial development.