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The CIMA announcement kicked off with a media brief which was held at the Botswana Accountancy College. The response of the media was phenomenal. Mike Lesolle, the Executive Director of BAC briefed the media on the developments that took effect following the launch of the Francistown Campus last October.  He announced that BAC was still focused on deepening its mandate of delivering into the economy, young men and women who have made very clear choices in their career aspirations.

“What BAC does, its core business” he asserted, “is consistent with the national strategy of human capital skills development”. The Executive Director further confirmed that with its track record, BAC has long been identified as a “Centre of Excellence in business and other business related disciplines”. It is primarily for this reason that the college strategy of transforming into a  Business School makes a lot more sense now than has been the case before, particularly that current thinking of creating a “Tertiary Education Hub”  in the country, alongside the innovation Hub and other envisaged ‘hubs’. The time is just right for BAC to reinforce all factors that underpin its overall corporate strategy.  

Mike further made reference to BAC Portfolio of academic and professional accountancy programmes, computing and others which collectively represent the College courseware.  He emphasized that the market, and indeed the economy at large, now requires a different type of professional with relevant competencies and skill sets, such as analytic thinking, effective communication and other competencies. More importantly, the entrepreneurial mindset, the innovative and creative minds is what BAC espouses and instills in its students. Mike continued, “If it is not relevant, or is not what the market wants, it ceases to be a skill that adds value. BAC is particular about the programmes that are offered at the college, the linkages, and most importantly, their worth.”

Both the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, and Tertiary Education Council are key stakeholders in every respect. “Students at BAC are aware of, and respond to the opportunities available to them. In this respect, they have their ‘fingers on the button’ in the context of maturity and a sense of awareness. In other words, they  rise to the occasion. They are also a source of pride to their tutors and mentors “ he continued . Mike elaborated upon  BAC’s strategic partners   such as the Universities of Derby and  Sunderland , both U.K. universities, with whom the college is in partnership for delivering  graduate programmes. The MBA and MSc programmes in Strategic  Management, and undergraduate programmes, BSc Hons Computer Systems Engineering, and BSc Hons Applied Business Computing respectively are delivered in partnership with both universities.

Mike Lesolle further explained that the professional programmes offered by the college, ACCA, CIMA, are growing from strength to strength. The accountancy professional bodies are global organizations with whom BAC is closely linked.
 Of particular importance to the media  briefing  was the TOPCIMA cohort for their impressive pass rates. Mike was ready to inform the market of the high calibre of the BAC finalists.  He alluded to all programmes as doing quality work that makes “OUR  graduates the most sought after in the market”. “The overriding reason” he continued, “was the focus on QUALITY AND the ability to think out of the box. In recognition of this quality, the global bodies have awarded BAC the prestigious awards of CIMA Learner Partnership, and the ACCA Gold Status. “ Only a few tution providers across the world are holders of these awards.”   Mike assured the media that BAC looks to them, as key stakeholders, to inform the nation in a manner which enables BAC to be proactive in looking at the needs of the market place and in staying relevant.

TOPCIMA Dinner at Phakalane
The CIMA announcement dinner happened at Phakalane Golf Estates on the  5th March,2009, an occasion for those who DARED TO EXPLORE .

The purpose of the dinner was to pass a congratulatory gesture to the TOPCIMA finalist from the Botswana Accountancy College.  Attendees at the Dinner were Guest of Honor  Mrs Ruth Maphorisa  Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Skills Development , stakeholders and partners  in skills development  such as Botswana Institute of Accountants , CIMA Botswana, Institute of Internal Auditors ,  Botswana College Of Agriculture and others. The BAC faculty and support staff were also present and indeed the finalists. 

It was indeed a colourful event with the following finalists being honoured:

  • Francinah  Mogoiwa
  • Tamara Chilinkhwambe
  • Bagolo Sebolai
  • Peter Keneemang
  • Ismael Sebola
  • Warona Mogobe
  • Emeldah Dube
  • Kagiso Komanyanma
  • Tshepo Ramagaga
  • Amon Sefawe

As it happens, the individuals for whom the event was held,  are already holders of executive positions  across industry as Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s).

Mike Lesolle 
Mike welcomed the guests.  He was in his element, proud to receive the cohort into the professional cadre and even more-so to industry. In his welcome remarks he thanked the guest of honor and all present for their positive response. The celebration event, according to Mike was to mark an important milestone in the path being pursued by BAC, in advancing its vision  as a future Business School, and for reaffirming BAC as a formidable  brand and a global player  in terms of performance.  He decorated the finalists with all descriptions such as a cut above the rest, a daring lot, committed, holding credentials that can take them anywhere in the world. Above all Mike alluded to the fact that BAC allowed cream to rise to the top.  He talked at length about how the support BAC receives from government and Industry contributes significantly to BAC’s ability to reach the heights, including achieving the caliber of the type of the current TOP CIMA finalist.  He praised them for keeping the brand alive.  Mike did remind the finalists of the BAC’s continued position to be on the world stage.  BAC continues to be within  one of the  top highly recognized  accountancy  tuition providers in the whole world.  As part of the evidence, the college receives prizewinners on an on-going basis. This past year a BAC TOPCIMA student, Margaret Dube came 7th in the world in one of the sittings.  This was out of over 3,500 candidates sitting. This year again a BAC CIMA student, Leano Babitse, was the 4th best in the world out of 5,477 sitting.  These indeed are matters worth bringing to the attention of all stakeholders, so said Mike.  They are an indication of a committed faculty and students with a great learning ethic, further , an indication of a robust learning environment and sound methodologies employed by BAC.  
Mike invited the finalist to another domain of learning,  and encouraged them to explore the MBA top-up route offered by BAC whilst they still have the appetite for learning. 

David Cropper  
David is the Director of Academic affairs at the BAC.  He leads the team responsible for TOPCIMA.  He was euphoric.  The success let him to praise his closely knit team with a focus towards winning and his students who have great confidence in the team.  He described to the audience the philosophy of TOPCIMA, a Test of Proficiency and Competence in Management Accounting.  David said how proud he was of the November 2008 cohort and in his congratulatory message implored them to share their CIMA journey both as students and professionals.  They all expressed gratitude, appreciation and pride to be associated with BAC.  They described CIMA as a selling ticket.  

Three members of the Student Alumni, Margaret Dube, Peter Kesitilwe and Kushbu Kapur all spoke not only confidently but were glowing in their praise of their CIMA qualification and also of BAC with whom they travelled the journey.

Mrs Maphorisa
Mrs Maphorisa, the PS at the Minster of Education, presented gifts to the finalists.  She congratulated the finalists for the work well done.  She added that the finalists were a much needed resource to add value to any business, further, they should look at their success as an immense contribution and achievement of her Ministry’s mandate; Education and Skills Development.

In short, this was a night of hard earned success. All were wished well.