BAC Job Summit

11 Oct 2016

Being a success in the industry is no easy fit in today’s economy. A lot of aspects have to be taken under account to ensure the success in the industry that you part take in. Botswana Accountancy College helps students that enrol at this institution in a number of ways. Students get to equip themselves with the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneurs in an already saturated market in Botswana. BAC has taken pre-emptive and measured steps in tackling the lack of job opportunities that still strike the nation especially because it relates to the quality of graduates that the BAC produce. The main focus of all offering is the industry skills development.

The efforts made by BAC has seen a lot of focus put on Small to Medium Micro Organisations (SMME’s), organisations as well as economic development organisations. The aim is to identify gaps that are present in the market when referring to the lack of skills as well be able to prepare for skills that will be required for future references. These organisations are the ones that employ our graduates and help them in order to aid their engagement in the labour market. The response and contribution that we get from these organisations has been great in certifying that what we offer and our graduates continue to be pertinent.

In years gone by, we have toiled with the industry on a number of different projects in which the aim was to improve the skills development of students. BAC works hand in hand with LEA and some of the projects between the two organisations are still on going, which attempt to test the students’ knowledge and skills by giving practical and innovative solutions to enterprises that already exist in the industry. Partnerships such as these have many benefits as they develop the students’ industry skills, and ensuring that the graduates have the entrepreneurial skills to start an enterprise and create jobs for the country which will solve the problem of unemployment. One other important benefit of this partnership is that it enable the SMME’s to develop which will too provide a solution of unemployment.

BAC has other partnerships with international universities, which means being able to provide qualifications that are internationally recognized. The key is for our students have a global perspective of the world and help them become global thinkers by providing a stimulating curriculum content, and not only regulating them to tapping into the international practices, proficiency and trends in the education delivery.

When discussions about employability become extant, the view that BAC takes is that global enterprises become an opportunity for students to find employment and partner with these organisations which is the main reason why we provide quality internationally recognized qualifications and graduates.

To ensure that we improve and maintain the close relations that we have with the employers which will be beneficial to the students, BAC has relationships with enterprises in various sectors who absorb some of the best performing students.

Entrepreneurship being a major aspect in creating job opportunities is being integrated in the programs that are offered in our curriculum as we intend to build a nation that can be eradicated of unemployment. Students get to do various projects that will enable them to test their entrepreneurial skill. The projects aim is to produce graduates that will be innovative as well as increase their employability. International partnerships that have been created are helping the graduates to have a chance in changing the global landscape especially because in today’s day and age, the global opportunities are the ones that are changing the corporate world as we know it. There is a systematic way in which as an institution where issues of employability are addressed to the students through the duration of their study. We help students realise that knowledge on its own will not be enough for them to be retained in the job market but that innovative thinking and creativity are vital aspects in that regard.

BAC aims to be an institution that symbolises itself with excellence in academic relevance, as well as quality the quality of the qualifications. A vote of thanks should be sent out to our industry partners for their support and their ever present commitment in the fight to eradicate unemployment and creating a world of global and innovative thinkers.