Admissions and Enrolment

Registrar’s Office

The office of the Registrar is responsible for the general student administration in the College. The office is responsible for the coordination and directing of all the functions related to student recruitment and student administration; admissions, enrolment management, maintenance of student records, coordination of students' registration, and examination administration.

The registration process is a mandatory requirement for all new and returning students every academic year. In order for students to continue their studies with the College, they are required to register as students at the start of every semester. Registration is the process through which you:

  • Agree to be a student member of the College
  • Agree to abide by the College's regulations and to become liable for fee payments
  • Enroll on the modules you will be studying during the academic year

The registration process is divided into three sessions; Early Bird Registration, Normal Registration and Late Registration.

New Students and Returning Students

Every new and returning student must re-register at the start of each new semester by following the steps below. Please note: Sponsorship letter is required for registration. For self or company sponsored students proof of payment or financial clearance is required before one can register.

Step 1 - Complete Registration form (where online Registration is available a link will be provided) to confirm your personal, financial and academic details and set up your College computer and email account.
For inquiries, contact the admissions department (admissions@bac.ac.bw) for further assistance.
Step 2 – Once the registration form is completed, you will be issued with a Confirmation of Registration (COR) by the registration team at the office of the Registrar.
Step 3 – Make your student ID card.
Step 4 – Access your time table and collect your books. The registration team will advise through sms or email where you can collect your time table and books.
Step 5 – Attend lecture sessions.

Open Days 

BAC conducts annual open days for current and prospective students. College open days give prospects the opportunity to get a sense of what College life is like, and to pick up a wide range of useful information (College open days cover all courses offered by the College unless otherwise indicated).

The Admissions office will usually introduce the College and you’ll be shown round the grounds and facilities, probably by some of the students. The admissions office and faculty staff share information about the college offerings and outline any specific admissions requirements for each program.

Please note that visiting BAC doesn’t commit you to applying to for admission into the College – you can attend the open day at your convenience during the stipulated times and make an application afterwards.